About the New Zealand / France Friendship Fund [fr]

The New Zealand / France Friendship Fund was established under an Agreement signed by the Prime Ministers of France and New Zealand on 29 April 1991.

On the French side, the current president of the committee is Mr Jean-Michel Marlaud. The other French members are Mr Erick Acker, Mr Pierre Furlan and Lorraine Rodier. On the NZ side, the president is Mrs Sarah Dennis, assisted by Steven Fyfe and Cam Calder.
The creation of the Fund has become a tangible expression of the new, constructive relationship between France and New Zealand. Applications for funding are considered annually.

Encouraging bilateral projects

Projects should encourage ongoing contact and exchanges between the people of France and New Zealand, particularly young people, promote the exchange of information and knowledge about each country, and enhance the understanding of respective lifestyles, cultures and physical environment.

Further details and application forms available from the following website : www.nz-franceff.com

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