Ambassador Jeanblanc-Risler visits Dumbéa and Panda [fr]

During a visit to New Caledonia, the Ambassador of France to New Zealand, accompanied by Mr Yves Lafoy, Official representative of New Caledonia to New Zealand, wished to visit the Dumbéa and Panda operations.

The 2nd Vice-President of the South Province, the Mayor of Dumbéa and representatives of the State and of Secal also invited Ambassador Jeanblanc-Risler to visit the new city of Dumbéa sur mer and the Panda Business Park on the 3rd of November 2015.

The main purpose of this visit was to present the method of implementation by Secal, under the auspices of the South province, to build the neighbourhoods of Dumbéa sur mer: the Ambassador was particularly impressed by the speed of the overall development – the creation of 2300 new accommodations, collective facilities, Médipôle (grouping of four health centers in one modern establishment) and main roads – 50% of this development having been carried out between 2008 and today. For this project the Ambassador saluted the governance shared between the South province, the City Council and Secal.


Dernière modification : 27/06/2017

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