Arago drops anchor in Penrhyn

French patrol ship the Arago made a fine impression when it visited Penrhyn in the Cook Islands on August 17.

Officers of the Arago and special guests aboard the patrol vessel in Penrhyn - JPEG

The Arago paid a goodwill visit to the atoll, located in the northern group of the Cook Islands.

Its captain and crew welcomed Mayor Rio Teika, Member of Parliament Willie John, Councillor Saitu Marsters, Councillor Mataora Marsters, Government Representative Takake Akatapuri and ecting Executive Officer Tamu Tapaitau aboard for lunch.

The Arago’s captain was then invited on a tour of Penrhyn before returning to the public service patrol vessel, whose missions include fishery patrols, search and rescue efforts, anti-trafficking and and anti-pollution operations.

The Arago's captain is welcomed ashore. - JPEG

Dernière modification : 17/08/2017

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