COVID-19: quarantine measures to enter France [fr]

In France, the following measures have been announced:

"For travellers arriving from European countries whose authorities have decided, in an uncoordinated fashion, to apply 14-day quarantine measures to travellers entering their territory from European countries, a voluntary 14-day quarantine period will be reciprocally requested. For example, from Monday 25 May onwards, travellers arriving from Spain, on flights only, will be asked to go into voluntary quarantine, because Spain imposed a quarantine system on 15 May for travellers arriving in Spain by plane. This applies to travellers of Spanish, French and all other nationalities. Likewise, travellers arriving from the United Kingdom, whatever their nationality, will be asked to go into a 14-day quarantine period when the British 14-day quarantine measure, announced this evening, actually comes into force.

The following people will be exempt from voluntary quarantine, except if they show symptoms:

  • people in transit to another country;
  • crew members and people operating passenger and cargo flights, or travelling as passengers to their departure point;
  • international freight transporters;
  • coach and train drivers and crew;
  • crew members and people operating merchant and fishing vessels;
  • foreign health professionals helping fight COVID-19;
  • staff of diplomatic and consular missions and of international organizations with headquarters or offices in France, as well as their spouses and children;
  • French and foreign domestic security or defence forces personnel returning from missions, or on mission, staff of the judicial authority carrying out its work, and State employees posted abroad or returning from missions, as well as their spouses and children;
  • cross-border workers;
  • people with compelling family reasons (travel justified for the purpose of transferring custody of or having access or staying access to a child; continued schooling; urgent assistance to a loved one; the funeral of a close relative);
  • people allowed to enter France for economic reasons if they are staying for less than five days. The quarantine conditions applicable to seasonal and posted workers permitted to enter are set out in the directive of 20 May 2020."
Read the full statement by the French Ministry of the Interior, Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and Ministry for Solidarity and Health:
PDF - 348.6 kb
(PDF - 348.6 kb)

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