Changes to give way rules on New Zealand roads

From 5am on Sunday the 25th of March 2012, two of the give way rules for driving in New Zealand changed.

1) The left turn versus right turn rule:
At cross roads, T-intersections, and driveways, where both vehicles are facing each other and there are either no signals or signs, or the signals and signs are the same, all traffic turning right must give way to vehicles turning left.


In both examples, the red car must give way to the green car.

Remember, “If you’re turning right, give way.”

2) The give way rule for uncontrolled T-intersections and public driveways:
At T-intersections and public driveways, such as Hospitals, where there are no signs or signals, vehicles turning right from the bottom of the T give way to all other traffic.


The red car must give way to the green car.

Remember, “Top of the T goes before me.”

All other give way rules will remain the same, and drivers must continue to follow all road signs and signals.

For more information and resources, please visit or New Zealand Transport Agency, or call 0800 656 055.

Dernière modification : 07/08/2013

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