Customs information for the French territories [fr]


Before travelling to New Caledonia, read through the brochures below. The French customs and DAVAR (Department of Veterinary, Food and Rural Affairs) produced them to help you get fully informed about procedures for all travellers entering and/or leaving France.

- Coming into New Caledonia
- List of some products introduced by individuals in New Caledonia not requiring import permit and certificate

Find out more about customs procedures in New Caledonia on the DAVAR website. Click on the corresponding image to find forms in French and in English.


Information in French only

For more information about customs in French Polynesia, please see the links below:
- Informations voyageurs (Travellers information) - French Polynesia Biosecurity website
- Liste des produits réglementés (List of products subject to regulations) - French Polynesia Biosecurity website
- Vous voyagez en Polynésie française (Travelling to French Polynesia) - French customs website

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