Dumont d’Urville research testimonies [fr]


Since its creation in 2005, the Dumont d’Urville programme, part of the Hubert Curien partnerships, has encouraged the development of scientific and technological excellence partnerships between France and New Zealand. Many projects, from public and private research organisations, have benefited from a mobility grant, which is often the starting point for more long-term collaborations.

Watch testimonies from researchers involved in a Dumont d’Urville programme.
Agnès Martin, Researcher at INSERM

Agnès Martin and her team at INSERM are working on the role of some particular neurons in the hormonal changes in female mammals. She has worked with the University of Otago. Meeting her counterparts in New-Zealand led to “great discussions and collation of scientific results”. The Dumont d’Urville programme facilitated an “extremely successful collaboration for both parties”, for a project with major interests.

Alain Rival, Researcher at CIRAD

Expert exchanges are not the sole component for success in a project. “Dumont d’Urville played its role perfectly: a research project is above all a human adventure”, noted CIRAD searcher Alain Rival, who worked with The Tree Lab in Rotorua. “A project can only be successful if human contacts are working”.

Jean-François Humbert, Researcher at ENS

Partnerships are often long lasting. “There have been extremely interesting scientific and professional exchanges. We have been able to put many things into place for the future”, stated ENS researcher Jean-François Humbert, who has studied cyanobacteria with the Cawthron Institute in Nelson.

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