French Embassy celebrates Bastille Day [fr]

On July 14th, Ambassador Jeanblanc-Risler hosted a reception at the French residence in Wellington in presence of Christopher Finlayson, New Zealand Attorney general.

After Auckland on Thursday 13th, Florence Jeanblanc-Risler celebrated in Wellington “ the quality and warmth of our excellent relationship ” on Bastille day.

In her speech, French Ambassador insisted that “ the past year has been one of intense turmoil and trouble on a global scale ”.

However, she pointed out “ a silver lining in all those clouds. By choosing Emmanuel Macron as President, the French people voted for a young, energetic, resolute, open and pro-European political challenger. They have sent a message that goes far beyond national politics ”.

In her speech, French Ambassador Jeanblanc-Risler quoted President Macron's words: “l'audace de la liberté, l'exigence de l'égalité, la volonté de fraternité” (“We want Liberty to be bold, Equality to be upheld, Fraternity to be our common will”). - JPEG

Alongside, Hon. Christopher Finlayson, Attorney general and official representative of NZ government, the Ambassador outlined 3 key objectives in the day to day bilateral relationship with New Zealand here in Wellington:

1- “ Our first objective is to promote a spirit of dialogue and inclusiveness on the most pressing international and regional challenges

2- Our second objective is “ to foster strong partnerships in trade and business

3- “ Our third objective is the people to people relationship where we are guided by the Maori proverb “Ka mura Ka muri”, walking into the future, our eyes wide open to the past

Hon. Christopher Finlayson (Attorney General and NZ Government Representative), Mrs.Gail Brown (US Ambassadors' spouse), Florence Jeanblanc-Risler (French Ambassador) and Demian Smith (Acting Deputy Chief of Mission - US Embassy Wellington). - JPEG

On the occasion, Hon. Christopher Finlayson gave his speech in French.
The Attorney general insisted on the importance of historical ties between our two countries.

Talking about his participation in the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Arras battle where New Zealanders built an impressive network of tunnels used by the Allies, he said “à Arras, à l’autre bout du monde, on a l’impression d’être chez soi ” (“In Arras, at the far end of the world we feel at home”).

Please click here to access the full version of Ambassador Jeanblanc-Risler speech (Pdf, 135 Ko)

Please click here to access the full version of Hon. Christopher Finlayson speech (Pdf, 91Ko, in French)

Colin James (Journalist) in the middle of a conversation with Jo Tindall (NZ Climate Change special Advisor) standing next to her predecessor and former NZ Ambassador to France Adrian Macey. - JPEG

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