French/English bilingual unit project questionnaire

The Wellington Bilingual Unit committee is looking to open a French/English bilingual unit in a public primary school in Newtown in February 2017.

The committee has identified a school, and both the school principal and the New Zealand Ministry of Education have agreed to support the project in principle.

The Ministry of Education will make a formal decision after being provided with more information, which the Wellington Bilingual Unit would like to collect through a short survey. There is a real chance to see the bilingual unit open and the project now primarily relies on 1) the support and engagement of the families; 2) the enrolment of enough children in the unit for 2017 (especially in Y1, Y2, Y3); 3) identifying suitable teachers.

Please click HEREto fill out the questionnaire, which is available until the 1st of April.

In order to gather an accurate list of interested families, you are invited to precisely answer the six questions included in the survey. Please also share this questionnaire with the francophone community in Wellington in as many ways as you can. This is a unique opportunity to create a bilingual unit in Wellington and the Bilingual Unit would like your support and involvement.

The next meeting of the Unité Bilingue - Wellington will be held on 6 April 2016 at 6:30pm, at the French Embassy. Please RSVP to this meeting at

For more information please refer to the detailed outline of the project available HERE, or contact the Wellington Bilingual Unit committee at

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