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As the number one research institution in Europe for animal and plant sciences, INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research - France) carries out mission-oriented research for high-quality and healthy foods, competitive and sustainable agriculture and a preserved and valorised environment.

Let's nurture projects which nurture the world: INRA is recruiting 32 scientists - PNG

Every year, INRA seeks researchers from all disciplines to reinforce laboratory and fieldwork teams.

Researchers will be heavily involved in scientific networks and tackle environmental, economic and social issues.

They are expected to strive for excellence and come up with useful, concrete applications for the real world.

Individual research projects will go hand in hand with group efforts in a bid to further knowledge and innovation, in order to produce sustainably, preserve the environment, and improve human nutrition.

INRA is recruiting 32 scientists through open competitions and offering permanent positions.

The recruitment campaign is generally aimed at young researchers who have recently obtained their PhD.

Candidates are recruited on the basis of their scientific competence which they will put to the service of INRA’s major research axes by responding to a research topic.
Candidates must have published articles on the results of their PhD.

Positions are open in a wide range of scientific disciplines such as:

  • human nutrition
  • intestinal microbiota
  • plant genetics
  • animal genetics
  • quantitative genetics
  • population dynamics and genomics
  • neurobiology of behaviour, animal nutrition
  • plant ecophysiology, functional and behavioural ecology
  • modelling of plant cell walls
  • process engineering and biotechnology
  • systems biology and synthetic biology
  • animal health
  • life science and environmental mathematics and informatics
  • economics
  • sociology and organizational sciences.

Applications are open on the INRA website from January 26 to March 1, 2017.

All useful information is available on the INRA website.

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