French artist’s monumental cardboard towers to be built in NZ [fr]

Olivier Grossetête’s ’ephemeral architecture’ is built with the help of the audience. He is bringing his workshops to New Plymouth (August 30-September 1) and Christchurch (September 5-8).

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Olivier Grossetête’s construction at the Festival of Thrift in Darlington, UK

Olivier Grossetête at work in Marrakesh - JPEG The Marseille-born artist will organise the carboard construction workshops, which he describes as "an appointment with the population to build together a unique and ephemeral architecture.

These constructions created specifically for each location are given appointments to the people to build together a utopian architecture...a childhood dream...a collective

Registration details for the workshops is available on the Taranaki Arts Festival website and the Christchurch Arts Festival website.

During the workshops, which can last six to eight hours, "the public is invited to assemble boxes of empty boxes to build a building without cranes or machine only with human power and man’s arm."

Mr Grossetête’s participation in the festivals is supported by the New Zealand France Friendship Fund.

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