GOOD FRANCE / GOÛT DE FRANCE 2019 in New Zealand! [fr]

The 2019 « Good France / Goût de France » has been officially launched in Paris on February 21 by French Foreign Affairs minister and French chefs Alain Ducasse and Guy Savoy. On this occasion, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs will celebrate French gastronomy worldwide!

This 2019 edition will be based around the Provence region and a socially responsible cuisine.

This year, 10 NZ restaurants & 1 in the Cook Islands are taking part in the world biggest French gastronomic event:

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Good France 2019 - NZ
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So French, Takapuna, Auckland.
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Harbour Society, Auckland.
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Bistro des Gourmets, Auckland.
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Paris Butter, Auckland.
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Marina Restaurant, Gisborne.
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Jano Bistro, Wellington.
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Tinakori Bistro, Wellington.
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Hopgood’s Restaurant, Nelson.
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Prohibition Smoke House, Dunedin.
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Marbeck’s, Dunedin.
  • OTB - On The Beach Bar & Restaurant, Main Rd Inave, Arorangi, Rarotonga, Cook Islands -
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OTB : On The Beach Restaurant

OTB Menu Degustation (click to discover the menu)


Poisson Cru " Ika Mata"
Grilled & chilled Ratatouille, salsa verde, garlic crostini
"Salade de Canard", crispy seared duck breast, organic mesclun salad, local berry & shallot vinaigrette, duck glaze, sourdough crostini
Grilled Veal cutlet, mango/strawberry/green peppercorn gastrique, green paw paw slaw
Scallop & Leek Tart, wild spinnach, chardonnay beurre blanc

* * *


Grilled Beef fillet, crispy smoked bacon, seared mango,
Gamefish Bouillabaisse, Rouille Crouton
Oven Roasted Noisette of Lamb, seared scallions, tarte with rukau (taro leaves) & fromage frais grape & shallot confit, syrah & epice infused lamb reduction
Seafood Brochette, legumes provencale, piperade of peppers, fresh tomato sauce
Sauteed Tiger Prawns flambeed with pernod, garlic, fennel, pilaf rice, roast peppers, sauce provencale
Grilled fillet of NZ boeuf de charolais, sauce bearnaise, wild spinnach, young local vegetables, jus de boeuf
Chevre & Rukau Tart, evo coconut oil raosted tomatoes, citrus infused opu (local squash) herb emulsion sauce

* * *


Banana/Fresh Chillio/Lemon & Rum Flambee, crispy waffles, house made coconut ice cream
Lemon Tart Brulee, fresh mint sorbet
Marquise de Chocolat Valrohna Manjari, fresh mango sauce
Passion Fruit parfait, tropical fruit salad, champagne sabbayon

Bon appétit !

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