Good France 2019: a success in New Zealand and in the Cook Islands! [fr]

This year, Good France highlighted the Provence region as well as a socially responsible cuisine. Recap of what happened in 2019 in New Zealand and in the Cook Islands!

Cooking lesson with the chef at the French residence

To introduce the Good France week (March 21), French chef Fabien Le Gall invited a class from the Wellington St Mary’s College to cook at the French residence with him. The students had the chance to cook "Provençal" dishes! Here is a video of this cooking class:

100 macarons made by chef Fabien Le Gall offered to a local charity event

To promote French cuisine, the chef of the French residence baked 100 macarons and offered them to a local charity event in Wellington.


11 restaurants took part in Good France 2019

In New Zealand, 10 restaurants celebrated French cuisine during Good France 2019. From North to South, Provence cuisine was on the menu in Auckland, Gisborne, Wellington, Nelson and Dunedin!

And for the first time, a restaurant in the Cook Islands also took part in Good France!

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Good France 2019

Find out more about the 11 restaurants and their Provence menus!

A Provence inspired menu at the French Residence in Wellington

On Mars 21, at the French Residence, the chef Fabien made a delicious "Provençal" menu:

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Menu Good France 2019

Lucy Revill, a well-known Wellingtonian blogger, who was one of the guests, took some amazing pictures of this dinner:

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Courtesy of Lucy Revill - The Residents - Good France 2019

Read her article here.


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