Goût de France / Good France to return to NZ in March [fr]

The world’s greatest French dinner, Goût de France / Good France, is set to return to New Zealand tables on March 21 2018, putting the flavours of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and French wines and spirits to the fore.

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Gout de France / Good France 2018
Gout de France / Good France 2018 Géraldine Martens et Bernard Benant

About Goût de France / Good France

This international event, first held in 2015, follows the inclusion of "The Gastronomic Meal of the French" on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. On the 21st of March, participating restaurateurs offer the opportunity to experience the French art de vivre and pay hommage to French cuisine’s capacity to innovate as well as the values it embodies: sharing, pleasure, respect for eating well, for each other, and for the planet.

A region in the spotlight

In 2018, Goût de France / Good France wished to shine a spotlight on a region, Nouvelle Aquitaine. A melting pot for outstanding French wines, with the global brand of Bordeaux as the figurehead for the whole region, Nouvelle Aquitaine has a rich variety of food and wine experiences. The products of Nouvelle Aquitaine will therefore be showcased in the menus served in a selection of restaurants in France and abroad.

Book your Goût de France dinner

In New Zealand, eight restaurants in the North and South Island are putting on special menus for the occasion. You can reserve your table with them directly.

KAZUYA restaurant
Le Chef
Paris Butter


Marina Restaurant

Jardin Grill
Tinakori Bistro

Hopgood’s Restaurant

Bistro Gentil

In 2017, four New Zealand restaurants took part in the event, offering Goût de France menus featuring fresh, quality, seasonal produce, while The French Residence brought together high school students with an interest in French language, culture and the hospitality industry for a French gastronomic meal.

Internationally, 2100 restaurants took part in 2017, as well as 156 French embassies and consulates in 149 countries.

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