Has my visa been processed?

The InfoVISA internet programme allows you to find out which stage of processing your visa application is at.

To use this programme, click here and follow these steps:

  1. Where it is written "N° de quittance", enter the series of numbers and letters written on the receipt that was given to you when you applied for your visa at the Consulate of France. You do not need to enter the first five letters and/or numbers as these have already been entered for you. Please note the Visa officer will not respond to any phone calls or emails requesting the numéro de quittance
  2. Where it is written "Date de naissance", enter your birth date
  3. Click on the button "Valider"

If the information that appears on the screen after you have clicked on the "Valider" button informs you that a decision has been made regarding your visa application, please do not visit the Consulate of France without having made an appointment to do so!

Please note:

- No personal information is disclosed through this programme
- This service is not available to applicants using a diplomatic passport

Dernière modification : 31/08/2011

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