Join the French Tech Revolution

There has never been a better time to join a startup in France. Already one of the biggest tech scenes in the world, France’s startup ecosystem is going through a phase of accelerating growth, and is getting as mature as ever. French startups are now turning into unicorns, are raising record amounts, are going public, are acquiring subsidiaries of big companies, etc. This dynamism is breeding countless opportunities for you to make France the next step in your tech career.

The dynamism of the French tech ecosystem adds to the list of benefits France has to offer: a high quality of life, easy access to culture, good food, low education and health expenses, etc. Today, you have the opportunity to both join a dynamic start-up and enjoy France’s famous art de vivre.

Especially since French startups need you. They are currently scaling up, and they need the kind of key skills that profiles with in a successful experience as an executive in a tech company have acquired. As you join a French tech company, you will become a driver of this “French Tech Revolution”.

To make joining a French company easier, the French government has implemented a series of dedicated tools. You will get access to all the information required to prepare your move to France on a single FAQ. You will have access to the Welcome to la French Tech Desk, a dedicated team which will provide you with tailored guidance to help you through the process of coming to France. You will benefit from optimized process to make getting a French Tech Visa even faster. You will be able to choose among a list of selected partners who will help you in the key steps of establishing yourself in France (finding your new home, registering your kids in the best schools, etc.). Finally, all those who, just like you, have also chosen to come to France, will welcome you in the French Tech International Community.

If you wish to know more about the French ecosystem and the opportunities it has to offer, please visit:


Dernière modification : 13/07/2021

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