Karin Serres to take part in the 2019 Randell Cottage writing programme [fr]

As part of the Randell Cottage writing programme, the next writer in Residence, Karin Serres, will spend 5 months in Aotearoa from January until June 2019.

Karin Serres was born in 1967. Her studies in scenography guide her through the discovery of dramatic writing, leading her to writing novels and radio programmes and to translation.

As a grant holder in the Île-de-France region of the National Book Centre of France (CNL) and of the French Department of Music, Dance, Theatre and Performing Arts (DMDTS), she has written more than eighty theatrical pieces – often performed, translated and published – half of which are for a young audience.

The winner of the 2011 Radio Prize awarded by the French Society of Authors and Composers of Dramatic Works (SACD) has written some 15 radio plays, which aired on France Culture, France Inter and France Musique.

She has also written picture books and novels for children and young adults. In 2013, Stock published her first novel for adults, Monde sans oiseaux, Number 1 Novel of the French Writers’ Association (SGDL), of the Blue Metropolis Festival and of the Chambéry Festival. In 2015, she was named “Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres”.

She is also a board member of the ASSITEJ Playwrights Network, “Write Local, Play Global”. With a passion for the sensory diversity of languages, she seizes every opportunity to weave her writing together with the experience of other artists, thinkers and producers. She likes sharing artistic experiences, travelling and putting projects together. Writing somewhere else, in an unknown place, is one of her favourite creative energies.

The 2017-2018 season saw the creation of her plays Ciconia Ciconia (C. Perreau), Louise (D. Noly) and Mille échantillons vivants (Kollectif Singulier), of the musical Jeanne et la chambre à airs (C. Duchange) and of the concert Bienvenue (Red Cardell and the Strange Family). As an author associated with the Tangram Theatre in Evreux for the whole season, Karin wrote Nos fenêtres invisibles and a one-off concert for the rock group Métro Verlaine. As well as working with the Théâtre du Rivage (Pyrénées-Atlantiques, southwestern France), the Compagnie Ariadne (Isère, eastern France) and with the Théâtre Le Clou (Montréal, Québec), she is also part of the editorial board of the Space Observatory, the cultural and scientific laboratory of the CNES.

Coming out on 17 October: Happa no ko, le peuple de feuilles, a fantasy novel for young adults and adults, published by Le Rouergue.

Her personal website: www.karinserres.com

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Karin Serres (credit: Bertrand Couderc)


Berbéris/Givrée (2018), Tag, série théâtrale rock en 3 épisodes (2013), Marzïa (2012), Toute la vie in Embouteillage (2002), Le Terrain synthétique (2010), Blondie (2009), Le Jardin de personne (2008), Un tigre dans le crâne (2005), Editions Théâtrales.
Rabota ièst rabota in Robots, clônes et Cie (2017), Color Gang.
Rouge Gazon in Enfouir ses rêves dans un sac (2016), Lansman éditeur.
A la renverse (ill. Aurore Callias) (2014), Actes-Sud-Heyoka.
Poulet in Il était 2 fois (2015), Chips personnel ! (2013), Espace 34 jeunesse.
Maintenant que tu habites derrière mes paupières, in La Fidélité (2011), L’Avant-Scène with La Comédie Française.
Frigomonde (2010), Louise/les ours (2006), Mongol (2003), Thomas Hawk (2003), Dans la forêt profonde (2003), Marguerite, reine des prés (2002), Colza (2001), L’École des loisirs-Théâtre.
Le Petit Bonhomme vert (& le rouge) (2008), Le Bonhomme vert.
Chlore (2006), Editions Monica Companys.
La Nuit des carapaces, in Fantaisies microcosmiques (2004), l’Avant-Scène théâtre.
Luniq (1995), Katak (1995), Très Tôt Théâtre.


Soupe de maman (ill. Clémence Pollet) (2011) and Uïk, le cochon électrique (ill. Till Charlier) (2011), Le Rouergue.
Lou la brebis (ill. Hervé Le Goff) (2000), Le voyage de Lou (ill. Hervé Le Goff) (2003) and Fleur de vache (ill. Finzo) (1998), Flammarion-Père-Castor.


Monde sans oiseaux (2013), "La Forêt" collection, Stock.
Tricot d’amour (ill. Mathieu Demore) (2010) and Pourquoi tu cours ? (2009) (ill. Anne-Charlotte Gautier), "ZigZag" collection, Le Rouergue.
Mongol (2003), "Neuf" collection, L’École des Loisirs.

The Randell Cottage is a Writer in Residence programme established by the Randell Cottage Trust in partnership with the Embassy of France in New Zealand. Each year, through this programme, a writer with a remarkable talent is invited for a 5-month residence.

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