Learn French in New Zealand

There are lots of ways to learn French in New Zealand:

The Alliances françaises

New Zealand’s Alliances françaises are part of a worldwide network dedicated to the promotion of the French language and culture. Check out what type of classes your nearest Alliance has to offer :
Alliances françaises in New Zealand.

Please note that due to some constraints a few of the New Zealand Alliances françaises do not offer French language classes.

Find out more about the Alliance française worldwide network:
Fondation Alliance francaise

Primary and secondary schools

Carry out a search for a school anywhere in the country to find out which foreign language(s) courses it offers:
- Ministry of Education School Directory

To find out more:
- visit ILEP’s website: International Languages Exchanges and Pathways

Virtual Learning Network (VLN)

Teachers from
- schools in isolated areas or
- schools that don’t have enough students interested in learning French to offer a course in the language
can regroup and create clusters which will enable them to register their students on online classes (and gain access to teaching materials). The Virtual Learning Network is easy to use and a great option for small schools or schools with small numbers of French students. VLN is growing fast!
Visit: www.vln.school.nz for more information

French departments at Universities

- University of Auckland
- University of Canterbury
- Massey University
- University of Otago
- University of Waikato
- Victoria University

The Correspondence School

The Correspondence school offers French classes at different levels, whether you are a beginner or already have some knowledge of French.
Find out more: Correspondence School

Bilingual French-English units

There is no French school in New Zealand. Two public schools in Auckland and one in Christchurch offer bilingual education at the primary level (5-10 years old).

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