New Caledonia Delegation in New Zealand joins French-NZ Chamber of Commerce [fr]

To grow New Caledonia’s visibility to New Zealand exporters in the Pacific region, the New Caledonia Delegation in New Zealand (based at the Embassy of France in Wellington), has joined the French - New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (FNZCCI).

Founded in 1985, with 85 members represented by companies and other small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the chamber, based in Auckland, facilitates exchanges between the various French and New Zealand business networks. It facilitates the arrival of French companies in New Zealand and New Zealand companies either in both France and French Pacific overseas collectivities (New Caledonia and French Polynesia). The chamber and its network of experts also offers services adapted to the establishment and export needs of these companies.

As a new member of the chamber, the Delegation will:
- receive the chamber newsletter distributed to 500 subscribers;

- increase its professional networking;

- gain direct access to the chamber’s members list;

- be more effective in promoting New Caledonia’s economic appeal in New Zealand;

- be in a better position to contribute to the chamber’s "Pacific Vision";

- benefit from preferential training fees with the Employers & Manufacturers Association (EMA).

This membership, which makes it possible to raise the Delegation’s profile from an economic and commercial point of view, is complementary to the creation, in February 2016, of the "NC-NZ Business Club" launched by the Delegation to help boost bilateral trade and economic exchanges, largely in favour of New Zealand in 2016*. This Business club, which meets two to three times a year, is made up of 25 French entrepreneurs based in Auckland who have economic links to New Caledonia or wish to initiate exchanges in a near future.

The chamber’s membership and the creation of the NC-NZ Business Club are part of the implementation of the "Economy and Trade" component of the NC-NZ Joint Cooperation Plan, signed on September 10 2016, thus concretizing the two visits in New Zealand, by the President of the Government of New Caledonia, Mr. Philippe Germain. The Plan includes five other areas of common interests, such as education, health, sport, environment, and research and innovation.

Joining the chamber also makes it possible to formalize the Delegation’s role which, during the last two years, was one of the guests of honor of the two “After 5" events, co-organized by the chamber and the New Zealand-Pacific Business Council. Both aimed at promoting the "Economic potential of the French Pacific Territories”.

In his presentation on 16 March 2016, "New Caledonia’s specific economy: presentation and focus on the infrastructure sector", the Official Representative of New Caledonia to New Zealand, briefly presented the institutional and economic frameworks of New Caledonia, and dealt with the infrastructure sector in New Caledonia (actors, projects, partnerships, regulations). His 18 March 2015 presentation, "New Caledonia: Political and Economic Context", discussed the state of play of the New Caledonia-New Zealand trade relationships.

In 2016, New Zealand exported 91 M€ to New Caledonia, with imports reaching 3,4 M€.
New Zealand represented for New Caledonia:
the seventh-ranked supplier of goods,
the second largest supplier of food products,
the number three tourist destination for New Caledonian residents,
the number three destination for New Caledonian real estate investments.

About the New Caledonia Delegation in New Zealand

the New Caledonia Delegation in New Zealand. - PNG The role of the Delegation is twofold:
Bilateral: strengthen political dialogue between New Caledonia and New Zealand, and intensify cooperation in the fields of economy and trade, culture and education, and science and innovation;
Multilateral: monitoring the role and activities of New Caledonia within the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) and with its member countries.

In 2017, the Delegation’s priorities will focus, within the framework of the NC-NZ Joint Cooperation Plan, on:
- supporting New Caledonia’s companies in their efforts to prospect the New Zealand market,

- facilitating the development of joint ventures, as well as the strengthening of skills transfer and investment in New Caledonia,

- promoting New Caledonia as an attractive tourist destination,

- continuing to promote New Caledonia’s economic appeal to New Zealand government agencies and companies interested in the New Caledonian market,

- intensifying exchanges with the New Zealand ministries and agencies on the political and economic implications of the admission of New Caledonia as a full member of the FIP.

The strengthening of the partnership between the Delegation and the FNZCCI will be illustrated this year by an intervention by the Official Representative of New Caledonia to New Zealand at the "French Festival" (Auckland, 26 August) which will, among other themes, cover existing trade relations between New Caledonia, French Polynesia and New Zealand, as well as opportunities to increase trade between these three countries.


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