New Caledonia will take part in the Forum Economic Officials and Economic Ministers meetings of the Pacific islands [fr]

From Monday 3 to Thursday 6 April 2017, New Caledonia will take part in both the Forum Economic Officials (FEOM) and the Forum Economy Ministers (FEMM) organised in Suva (Fiji) by the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF).

For the first time in the history of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF), following the implementation of the "Framework for Pacific Regionalism" in 2014, meetings of the Forum Economic Officials (FEOM) and the Forum Economy Ministers (FEMM) will involve representatives of the Private Sector, the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and academia.

The series of meetings will be convened at the Forum Secretariat’s Headquarters in Suva from Monday 3 to Thursday 6 April 2017.

The Private Sector Dialogue Workshop (PSDW) will be held on Monday 3 April, followed by Dialogue with the Forum Economic Officials on 4 April, and with the Forum Economic Ministers on 6 April 2017.

New Caledonia will be represented at both the Forum Economic Officials and Economic Ministers meetings by Dr. Yves LAFOY, Official Representative of New Caledonia to New Zealand, also in charge of overseeing New Caledonia’s relations with the PIF.

The New Caledonian private sector will be represented by the New Caledonia Confederation of SMEs (CPME NC), the Post and Telecommunications Office (OPT), and the Caledonian Waters Office.

The set of meetings will be divided into the following three main sessions:
-  Regional Development Priorities,
-  Financing for Development,
-  FEMM Charter and “Regional Items”.


Session 1 “Regional Development Priorities” will cover the two following issues:
-  Regional Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) update;
-  Framework for Pacific Regionalism: Regional Priorities & Role of Economic Ministers;

Session 2 “Financing for Development” will cover the following five main issues:
-  i) an overview of regional financing trends and feasible policy options for Forum Island Countries (FICs) to finance the SDGs ;
-  ii) Development of a “Regional financial architecture” to raise financial resources within the region to finance long-term development needs;
-  iii) an update on the current initiatives related to Natural Disasters financing in the region (PCRAFI Foundation, the multi-donor trust funds (World Bank), the Contingent Credit/Savings Facility for the Pacific (Asian Development Bank);
-  iv) engaging the private sector in accessing international funding earmarked for climate change and associated natural disasters. A proposal for a “Regional Climate Change Trust/Insurance Fund”, especially for Smaller Island States in the Pacific will be discussed;
-  v) Humanitarian cash as a form of disaster finance. Discussions will stress how cash-based initiatives can be an efficient and effective disaster response mechanism in the Pacific, in particular when piggybacking off existing social protection systems.

Session 3 will focus on the FEMM Charter, which stresses the rationale of the Forum Economic Ministers Meeting (FEMM) and the scope of issues for FEMM, and on the five Standing Agenda Items which deal with:
Regional Statistics Initiatives;
Regional Tourism Initiatives;
Public Finance Management;
Economic Empowerment of Women;
Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) Roadmap.

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