Night of Ideas New Zealand, an online celebration of thoughts on 27 January [fr]

A celebration of thoughts to be held online on 27 January 2022!

Night of Ideas New Zealand is an online rendezvous, on 27 January 2022, to connect with innovative and impacting ideas powered by people engaged in their communities:

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Night of Ideas NZ 2022 - (Re)building together

(Re)building Together

For this edition, we’re exploring the singular resilience of New Zealand society and Pacific nations when faced with modern challenges. Through a collection of short stories presented in the form of video interviews, photographs and written narratives, local change makers share their perspective and help shed some light on current societal and environmental trends.

Created in 2016, « La Nuit des idées » (Night of Ideas) is a cultural manifestation taking place every year on the last Thursday of January in France and over 100 countries around the world. On all five continents, French cultural institutions are putting together conferences, round tables, screenings, artistic performances, workshops, interviews to get ideas flowing and encourage open conversations on a set theme.

Previous themes

2022 – (Re)building Together

An observation of the reconstruction of societies, the solidarities and cooperation between individuals, groups and states, the mobilisation of civil societies and the challenges of building and making our objects.

2021 - Neighbours

An exploration of our individual and collective relationship to space, in light of lockdowns, the recent transformations due to an increased interdependency between countries, and the paradoxical retreat into national borders.

2020 – Being Alive

A celebration of what it means to “be alive” and “be well” as an individual, as a member of a community and as part of a wider an ecosystem.

2019 – Facing the Present

A deep dive into the changes of our time (technological, social, environmental, geopolitical), their impact on our daily lives and the initiatives possible to tackle these transformations.

2018 – Imagination in Power

A closer look, half a century after the famous ‘68 events in Paris, at the role of imagination in our societies as technology is pushing the boundaries even further and the call for original content is getting louder.

2017 – A Common World

“Common” is a concept that originated in the ancient Greece and refers to what no one can claim - common resources (water, air) but also powerful political principles such as democracy.

2016 – The World of Tomorrow

A reflection on the world of tomorrow in which future generations will be living in.

Night of Ideas New Zealand is presented by the Embassy of France in New Zealand, in partnership with Victoria University of Wellington, as part of La Nuit des idées, a worldwide initiative of the Institut français Paris.


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