Novembre Numérique 2020 (Digital November)

The annual festival of digital culture, Novembre Numérique, initiated by the Institut Français and implemented throughout the French cultural network, highlights innovation and technologies.

Returning to New Zealand for the second consecutive year, Novembre Numérique promotes digital technologies, content and collaborative tools showcasing a broad range of creations such as video games, immersive realities, digital art, etc.


Call for proposals

This year we will be proposing an experience based on the classic Kiwi pub quiz with a French digital twist to be hosted in our local network of French learning centres, Alliances Françaises.

We’re now seeking proposals from New Zealand-based developers for the design and development of a mutiplayer real-time digital tool to be used as a support for this live game.

Selection criteria

  • being based in New Zealand (prerequisite)
  • relevance with this brief, quality of proposal and innovation


  • 31 July 2020: proposal submission deadline
  • 7 August 2020: selected proposal announced
  • Mid-September 2020: review of first draft
  • 9 October 2020: tool available to organisers
  • 1 November 2020: campaign is live
PNG Please get in touch with us directly via this contact form to receive the full product information.

Previous program

Birdie Memory

A free application imagined and created by French artist Léna Mazilu, Birdie Memory is a playful method to learn to identify bird sounds. It consists of a large poster with illustrations of 20 birds that come to life and sing when you hold the application in front of them. These birds, selected by a bird scientist, can be found all over Europe, in the city as well as in the countryside.

Ma Petite Planète

This is an educational, digital game created by the Alliance Française of Wellington. Aimed at children, this “Escape Game” is centred on 5 enigmas around the theme of 5 threats to biodiversity: overfishing, deforestation, plastic in the sea, poaching and melting of sea ice.


This mesmerising audiovisual performance is the fruit of a collaboration between visual artist Antoine Schmitt and director-musician Franck Vigroux. Just like cerebral illusions, that affects the perception of the duration of a moment or of a quick jerk, Chronostasis amplifies the present moment to the extreme: an explosion of square pixels regenerate continually in different and simultaneous spaces of time, in slow motion, sped up, repeated in real time, backwards.


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