What we do

Despite a geographic distance of about 19,000 kilometers, there is a continuously growing flow of activity and people involved in research and academic cooperation between France and New Zealand. The two countries share common academic and research interests, which are reflected through researcher mobility and exchanges, co-publications, common projects and partnerships.

Our main priorities are to:

  • help increase mutual knowledge about France and New Zealand academic and research systems,
  • establish networks and foster exchanges through the development of partnerships between research organisations and universities,
  • promote bilateral mobility,
  • bring support to bilateral projects.

Our co-funded tool for short-term mobility between France and New Zealand, the Dumont d’Urville programme, has encouraged the creation of research partnerships since 2005.

Through its territories in the Pacific, France has a potential for collaboration with New Zealand in the Pacific region. The Pacific Fund, created in 1985, supports the participation of New Zealand in projects linked to climate change, economic and industrial development, health safety and food safety.

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