Shared Histories : Mémoires héritées, histoire partagée [fr]

From 2014 and during the next four years, the centenary of the First World War will be commemorated in France, New Zealand and around the globe.

Shared Histories : Mémoires héritées, histoire partagée

To mark this centenary, Shared Histories was launched to allow school children to commemorate the common involvement of both New Zealand and France in the Great War.

Shared Histories aims to create a framework for New Zealand and French schools to form partnerships and work on common pedagogical projects on the theme of WW1.

The project seeks to bring school students of both countries together to explore the profound significance and impact of World War One through creative projects. The programme offers obvious benefits in terms of learning outcomes, but also, by building lasting relationships with French schools, raising cultural awareness and enhancing interest for languages.

PNG A call for projects was sent out to New Zealand and French schools in October 2013 resulting in 25 partnerships. The educational project is built through a long-distance collaboration between French and New Zealand teachers and students, connected notably through the website This platform shows the projects undertaken, gives access to pedagogical resources and is also a live space where teachers and students involved in projects can exchange.

Each year until 2018, a call for projects will be sent to all intermediate and secondary schools in New Zealand. In France, colleges and lycées (secondary schools) will also be invited to embark on projects with New Zealand schools as part of the programme Shared Histories: Memoires héritées, histoires partagées.

Three key goals of Shared Histories

  • creating lasting relationships between France and New Zealand
  • understanding the significance of World War 1
  • using language skills to carry out a project.

Examples of the projects undertaken

  • Epsom Grammar School (Auckland) and Lycée Gay-Lussac in Chauny (Aisne) are working together to create a wall fresco in Chauny inspired by research on New Zealand soldiers’ stories. The project will highlight the role of women and families supporting the soldiers at war.
  • Wellington College and Lycée Européen in Villers-Cotterets (Aisne) have based their project around the theme of rugby. They are searching for Wellington College alumni who fought but also played rugby in France during the Great War. A website will follow their footsteps. The Kiwi students are due in France for a visit which will of course include a rugby game.
  • St Margaret’s College (Christchurch) and Collège Etouvie (Amiens) have created a bilingual wiki “Poppelicot” where students from both schools can exchange their work and chat. In the next year, they will be creating an interactive map of French and New Zealand soldiers’ itineraries on Google maps. The tool will be linked to documents (real or fictitious) illustrating their story (letters, photos, audio or video testimonies)

Young Ambassadors program

An important aspect of Shared Histories is the Young Ambassadors programme. To officially launch Shared Histories, 11 young students were selected from around New Zealand to represent their country in France.

These “Young Ambassadors” of New Zealand were selected on the basis of leadership potential, communication skills and a strong interest for social, political and global issues.

As a group, the young ambassadors travelled to France in July 2014 to take part in official commemorative events. They stayed for a period of two weeks in north–east France and in Paris, visited historical and cultural sites related to the War and experienced commemorative events. They were hosted in a French school and took part in common activities with their French counterparts.

The Young Ambassadors sing a waiata during a reception
at the Residence of France.

For more information about the Young Ambassadors, please click HERE.

For more information about Shared Histories, please visit their website, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

“Shared Histories”is supported by both the French and the New Zealand Ministries of Education, WW100NZ and the Mission du Centenaire. It is coordinated in New Zealand by the New Zealand Association of French Teachers (NZAFT), International Languages Education Pathways (ILEP) and the Embassy of France in New Zealand.

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