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Still (2015) is an interactive WW1 memorial that invites audiences to explore the duality of war: the destruction of lives and the construction of a collective future.

Presented simultaneously in Poitiers (FR), Auckland and Christchurch, Still offers an opportunity to connect with people from countries involved in the First World War, 100 years ago.

Participants stand still in front of the main screen; their face is captured in real time and added into the collage of faces from around the globe on the screen. This artwork draws both from a pool of faces that continually grows as more people interact with the work, and in additional there is an existing pool of archive images featuring people photographed at the time of WWI. Alongside the visual memorial there is a WWI inspired soundtrack. However, both the artwork’s visual and audio elements can change dramatically in response to a person’s movement and be replaced by a collection of dark geometrical shapes and a more aggressive soundtrack.

The creative team behind Still includes Wellington-based interactive performance media and digital experience designer Johann Nortje, and composer and sound designer Tane Upjohn-Beatson, with the collaboration of creative coder, Joe Dixon.
Still is a creation by Auckland Live and Colab/AUT in association with Christchurch Arts Festival and Lieu Multiple (FR).

Digital Art Live
Exploring the intersection of art and technology, Digital Art Live is collaboration between Colab/AUT and Auckland Live and invites audiences to interact with an interactive screen and become part of a new generation of Art.
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Lieu Multiple
Espace Mendès France advocates for popular science, culture and education with the idea that science could be accessible and even fascinating for the general audience. Lieu Multiple is part of this scientific centre and is dedicated to digital creation, developing and supporting cultural, artistic, educational, social and philosophical projects in relation to questions of ethics.
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