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Education through research at the ENS includes a vast range of scientific and literary subjects, organised into thirteen departments or literary and scientific sections (biology, chemistry, cognitive studies, geography, history, computer science, literature and languages, pure and applied mathematics, philosophy, physics, ancient science, social sciences, earth-atmosphere ocean). Research laboratories and educational services are tightly interwoven throughout each of these departments or sections. Although the School’s main mission statement has always been to train professors, it has broadened its horizons considerably and students’ career opportunities have now become extremely varied.

The International Selection (uniquely for international students) offers 25 scholarships each year in Arts and Sciences. The selected candidates study for the ENS Degree. They are provided with accomodation and monthly funding during the three years of the programme.
Other foreign students can also successfully apply at the ENS for the ENS Degree (three years of studies). The process includes written application and oral interview. They are not, in that case, provided with accommodation and funding.

The ENS offers intensive French lessons before the start of the academic year and weekly French lessons during the year.

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