Temporary importation into France of commercial and scientific equipment [fr]


The French Customs Department would like to advise anyone wishing to temporarily import commercial and scientific equipment into France that the easiest way to go about this is through using the Carnet ATA (Temporary Admissions Booklet). The Carnet ATA is used to facilitate international exchanges by streamlining customs procedures. It replaces the various customs documents normally required for temporary imports and exports or transit operations and thus allows importers and exporters to carry out their operations with duties and taxes being suspended.

The regulatory provisions of the Carnet ATA are the result of two international conventions, the Brussels Customs Convention on the ATA Carnet for the Temporary Admission on Goods (ATA Convention) of 6 December 1961 and the Istanbul Convention of 26 June 1990. This procedure allows individuals and companies to take part in trade fairs, to present samples of products when exploring markets, or make use of professional, scientific or educational material.

The Carnet ATA can be obtained from a chamber of commerce in New Zealand.

Further information is available on the French customs website (in French) and the New Zealand Customs Service website

Dernière modification : 31/05/2017

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