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The University of New Caledonia is one of the smaller French universities. In 2012 it counted 30000 students, 200 academic staff, and 70 administrative staff.

Its aims are :

  • initial and continuing training ;
  • scientific and technological research;
  • students orientation and employability ;
  • spreading of cultural, scientific and technological information;
  • participation in the development of higher education and research in the south Pacific;
  • international co-operation and the promotion of the French language.

Since 2007 the Nouville site boasts a 400-seat auditorium, a restaurant and a 2400 m2 library.

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Overall Map of Noumea
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UNC offers 26 study programmes. These are taught within three faculties located on three different sites. Courses are available in the following areas:

- Law, Economics and Management (Nouville-Workshops site) University of New Caledonia | ateliers - JPEG

- Sciences and Technology (Nouville-Banyan site)

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Map of Nouville
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- Language, Literature and Humanities (Magenta site)

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Sitemap of Magenta
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UNC offers a new Master of Research “Espaces, société et littérature dans les mondes océaniens”). See attached flyer for further information.

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(PDF - 944.4 kb)

To view information for international students, see the university’s international relations bureau website.

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