Visitor Visa - long stay ( more than 3 months )

Please note:

As the application process includes taking a photo and the ten fingerprints of each applicant, it is not possible to send in a visa application via the post. This also applies to residents of Samoa and the Cook Islands.
Each applicant aged 12 years and over must travel to Wellington to apply for their visa in person.
The only exception applies to applicants of visas for African countries. Applicants for these visas are not required to apply in person at the Consulate of France.

Make an appointment

- One appointment must be made for each passport holder. Applicants will need to make an appointment during the opening hours of the Consulate of France : 9.15 am to 1.15 pm, Monday to Friday.
Applicants will not be admitted to the Consulate if they do not have an appointment.

To lodge your application,you are required to book an appointment via the online booking system, without exception. No booking will be completed at the Consular section in Wellington or by phone. Please click here to book an appointment.
If applicants are unable to attend an appointment they should amend or cancel it.

Who requires a long stay visa for France?

Applicants who wish to stay in France for more than three months require a long stay visa.

List of documents required to apply:

  • Passport (valid for least three months after your return date)
    + a photocopy of the photo page of your passport
  • Photocopies of previous Schengen visas granted (if any)
  • Completed and signed OFII form;
  • Completed and signed long stay visa application form.
  • One recent passport photograph;
  • One photocopy of documents providing proof of your financial stability (pay slips, bank statements);
  • Evidence of social or professional circumstances (pay slip, work certificate from your employer, student card, certificate of school or university attendance, retirement pension…) ;
  • One copy of a declaration stating that you will not have paid employment at any point during your stay (a declaration is required for each adult applicant) ;
  • One copy of proof of accommodation in France (hotel bookings, lease, proof of ownership or a letter from your host stating your address of residence in the country during your stay and their desire to host you);
  • Proof of subscription to insurance - covering unlimited medical expenses and repatriation for the entire duration of stay;
  • For children under 18: one photocopy of enrolment at a school in France;
  • A copy of your criminal record to be obtained from the Ministry of Justice;
  • A pre-paid courier envelope with the applicant’s address provided for return of passport (please keep its tracking number);
  • Long stay visa fee. Please click here for the latest visa fees. Please note that visa fees must be paid in cash.

How long will the application take to process?

- The amount of time it takes to process a visa varies considerably. As a result, we ask applicants to begin the process, which includes making an appointment at the Consulate of France in Wellington, at least three weeks prior to the date of departure.

- Two months before the visa expires, you can extend your stay by applying for a residence permit called the carte de séjour at the nearest Préfecture de Police.

- It is your responsibility to provide us with a complete application.

- If any documents are missing from your application, it is highly likely that your visa will not be granted.

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