Work permit for New Caledonia

Employment of foreign employees in New Caledonia

Any person who is not of French nationality, including citizens from any country that is part of the European Union, wishing to find paid employment in New Caledonia must be granted a work permit by Direction générale des services.

List of documents required to apply:

The employer must provide Direction générale des services - contact details provided at the bottom of this page - with:

- The foreign employee’s first name, surname, date of birth and nationality;
- The reasons for, nature of, and duration of the foreign empoyee’s temporary employment;
- Where releveant, the name and address of the company where the foreign employee will work in New Caledonia.

Contact details for Direction générale des services

  • Address:
    Direction générale des services
    Direction du travail et de l’emploi
    Section emploi
    12 rue Verdun
    BP 141
    98845 Noumea Cedex
  • Phone number: +687 27 55 72
  • Fax number: +687 27 04 94
  • Email address:

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