Working Holiday Programme - What you need to know upon arrival

If you have a working holiday visa, this page is for you. To apply for a working holiday visa, see our information page.

General information

- Your “Working Holiday” visa allows you to stay in France for 12 months from first date of entry without having to obtain a temporary residence permit from your local prefecture.

For further information, please see the French public service website (section for foreign nationals - in French) .

- You are advised to keep a photocopy of your passport page with your “Working Holiday” visa; if your passport is lost or stolen, this photocopy will be useful in order to reissue a temporary residence permit.

Job hunting


- Pôle emploi;

- Labour law in France (in French). You cannot undertake permanent employment (CDI). Your contract must be of limited duration (CDD).

NB: Your “Working Holiday” visa exempts you from having to obtain a work permit but does not exempt your employer from registering you and deducting all relevant obligatory social and employee payments from your salary. You are advised to check the terms of your employment contract and to ensure that you have been declared to the relevant authorities.

- You must obtain a social security number ;

- you can view labour-related “information sheets” on the Public Service website (in French).

Seeking accommodation

- Standard rental contracts -> see the public service website, “Particuliers” section (in French)

- Classified ads websites;

- See accommodation-related “information sheets” on the French public service website (in French).

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