Young Ambassadors’ Tour – France 2016 [fr]

JPEGThe 2016 Young Ambassadors programme will offer an opportunity for highly motivated New Zealander students of French with leadership skills to be part of a delegation of about 10 young people travelling to France during two weeks, from 10 to 25 September 2016.

Young Ambassadors’ Tour 2016 is part of Shared Histories, a France-New Zealand school programme created in 2014, to commemorate the First World War. Shared Histories allows French and New Zealand schools to partner up in order to work together on educational projects around WW1.

In July 2014, for the opening ceremony of the First World War Centenary, a group of eleven New Zealand students, aged seventeen to eighteen, became the first Young Ambassadors. Their experience was inspiring for their peers and was shared through a variety of opportunities, including media interviews, blogs and a public event at the National Library of New Zealand.

JPEGKeeping up with this fantastic opportunity for young New Zealanders to visit some of the most significant places of the Western Front, the 2016 programme will enable students to attend, among others, the 100th anniversary of the New Zealand participation to the Battle of the Somme.

These students, selected so that all major cities or regions of New Zealand are represented in their group, will again act as “Young Ambassadors” of their country, testifying to their schoolmates their attachment to the duty of remembrance. Each of them will act as his/her school representative in a school project related to the Great War.

They will stay for a period of two weeks in North Eastern France, visiting historical and cultural sites where New Zealand soldiers made a significant contribution to the war, including the Somme battlefields, Longueval, Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Le Quesnoy, and the Wellington Quarry in Arras. They will be hosted in French schools and families and will take part in common activities with their French counterparts. They will possibly also spend a few days in Belgium, visiting Kemmel, Ypres and Messines.

A blog will be updated regularly by the Ambassadors and will be used as a journal throughout the trip, displaying photos, videos and texts.

For further information or to apply, please contact :
Pascale Seignolles
Education Attache
French Embassy in New Zealand
04 802 77 81 / pascale.seignolles[a]

Visit to apply,
*Deadline is 16 May 2016.


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