High speed internet cable lands on Wallis [fr]

Minister for Overseas France Annick Girardin has welcomed the arrival of an undersea internet cable at the South Pacific island of Wallis on November 19.

With the support of the State, the European Union and the Agence Française de Développement (French Development Agency), this 1600 kilometre long cable, linking several Pacific archipelagos, will allow Wallis and Futuna to enjoy a high-speed internet connection from next spring.
A similar operation is expected on Futuna in coming days.

Annick Girardin applauds an historic event which will enable real digital integration for the citizens of Wallis and Futuna, with direct consequences for administration of the archipelago in the fields of telemedicine, distance learning, online administration and the local economy.

Source: Ministère des Outre-Mer

Dernière modification : 27/11/2017

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