A delegation of French companies in New-Zealand from 10-11 October 2019 [fr]

After a first stop in Australia, a French business mission of 30 delegates will visit New Zealand from 10-11 October 2019.


A French business mission of 30 delegates, led by Mr. Hervé GUILLOU, CEO of Naval Group, Chairman of MEDEF International’s France-Autralia Business Council and Mr. Thierry MALLET, CEO of TRANSDEV, Chairman of MEDEF International’s France-New-Zealand Business Council, will visit Auckland from 10-11 October 2019.

The delegation comprises 7 sectors: infrastructure & transport, energy & environment, naval industry,smart cities, cybersecurity and banking services, where French companies have already invested since decades and are looking for new opportunities.

Different meetings are scheduled to deepen and diversify business ties between Australian, New-Zealand and French private sectors, and to explore new fields of cooperation:
o Australian and New-Zealand authorities at national and local levels
o Local private sectors representatives
o Australian and New-Zealand businesses and industrials

More than 500 French companies are already present in Australia, and more than 100 in New-Zealand, with a significant growth and sector diversification.

About MEDEF International

MEDEF International mission is to represent MEDEF, the French Business Confederation, worldwide at a bilateral level and to strengthen the positions of French companies abroad through collective actions.

MEDEF International provides its public and private network in France and around the world to French companies regardless their size or sector, and bring them a unique service: networking, sharing experiences between companies, structuring the French offer and improving the business climate.

More information: medefinternational.fr/ @MEDEF_I

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