Bus Lane Usage in New Zealand

When bus lanes are in operation :

  • Bicycles, motorcycles and emergency vehicles can use bus lanes at all times UNLESS they are marked ’Buses only’, in which case they can only ever be used by buses.
  • Vehicles can use bus lanes if turning left, merging, entering or exiting a side street or driveway, for up to 50 metres.
  • Driving, parking or stopping on the bus lanes is prohibited.
  • Motorists caught travelling or parked in a bus lane during operational hours will be issued an infringement notice and a fine of $150.

When bus lanes are not in operation :

  • You can drive, park and stop in bus lanes (or as indicated by signs and road markings).

Around the French Embassy - Manners Street
You can cycle along Manners Street towards Victoria Street :

  • before 6.00 am and after 7.00 pm, Monday to Friday
  • at all times during the weekend
  • the remainder of the time it is bus-only.

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