Climate - European Parliament approves Paris Agreement (4 octobre 2016) [fr]

France welcomes the European Parliament’s approval of the Paris Agreement. It will allow for the deposit of instruments of ratification by the European Union and Member States including France which have completed their national processes.

Following the ratifications which have already been completed, the latest ratifications allow the Paris Agreement to enter into force three days later, and less than a year after the having been adopted at COP21.

This forward step demonstrates political mobilisation in response to the urgency of the climate situation. It is to the credit of France, which advocated tirelessly for ratification of the agremeent. The entry into force will allow for work on the implementation of the Paris agreement to take place at the upcoming COP22 in Marrakesh in November.

We encourage all parties to the agreement to complete their ratification process as soon as possible, particularly Member States of the European Union.


Dernière modification : 07/11/2016

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