Maurin Donneaud selected to be the 2019 Te Ataata resident [fr]

French artist Maurin Donneaud has been selected for the 2019 Te Ataata Residency program. He will arrive in Auckland at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in September and will spend 4 weeks working on electronic textiles.

"As a freelance designer, artist and programmer, I’m involved in e-textile and sound design.

I design textile interfaces for electronic live performances and art installations. Since 2005 I have been investigating all kinds of technology to build and play music with e-textile interfaces. I have been working with e-textile sensors to free myself from the screen and rehabilitating gesture through digital media. In order to do this, I have been learning coding and hacking with other people building custom electronics to make beautiful e-textile musical interfaces.

Taking into account the wide possibilities of tactile behaviours and all the mapping possibilities, I realised that the aesthetics of these textile interfaces could not exist without a strong experimental practice.

From caressing to hitting, from sweetness to violence, from a single touch to full-hand contact, I have been experimenting with image processing, gesture recognition and communication protocols in order to promote an easy way to access e-textile matrix sensor technologies.

While using different textile processes, I have been looking for accessible tools and materials to build e-textile hardware components such as the E256 e-textile matrix sensor development kit.

As an e-textile specialist, I participate in some early-stage automotive or healthcare industrial developments. Teaching at e-textile workshops in textile design schools, such as ENSCI (Paris), ENSAD (Paris), ENSAAMA (Paris) and Arduino workshops for masters in sound design at ESBA (Le Mans), has enabled me to enrich the creative potential of the e-textile practice." Maurin Donneaud.

Dernière modification : 27/02/2020

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